We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't featured below then please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to discuss your query.

Q. I only need help occasionally, can you help?
A. Yes, we are more than willing to offer short-term, occasional services.

Q. Is the carer insured?
A. Yes, all carers are fully insured for all aspects of their job role. However, we would always advise you to check that valuable and sentimental items have adequate cover on your contents insurance policy.

Q. Can the carer smoke in my house or bring their children, pets, etc, with them?
A. Never.

Home Care by Elite AssistanceQ. What happens if I'm not in when the carer calls?
A. It is essential that you let us know when you will be out. We never ignore non-access and if we cannot uncover your whereabouts we will call the police.

Q. Can the carer collect my pension, pay bills or bank money for me?
A. Yes, but these routine tasks are subject to the financial procedures of receipts and duplicate receipt book system.

Q. Can the carer take me out?
A. If this fits in with your agreed need then your carer can accompany you out. However, this must be either on foot or taxi because carers are not insured to transport you in their cars.

Q. Do I give the carer a break?
A. No, carers have breaks between clients or work for very short periods of time. However, we know that many people value ten minutes with their carer for a cup of tea and a chat, so this is permissible at the end of the call and only after all tasks have been carried out.

Q. What if I am not happy with the behaviour of the carer?
A. Contact us immediately to discuss your concerns. We have a clear complaints procedure in place and will swiftly endeavour to rectify any issues.

Q. Can I ask the carer to work for me in their own time?
A. No, this will not be permitted under any circumstances. This would be a conflict of interest for the carer and may result in them losing their job and of you being in breach of our terms of business.

Q. Do I pay the carer?
A. Never pay the carer. If you require a bill it will be sent to you from our central office together with an envelope for return payment.

Q. Can I lend the carer money or ask them to buy things for me?
A. Never lend the carer money. If you need something that is not available locally your carer may obtain it for you but they should always inform the office, produce proper receipts for all purchases and use the duplicate receipt book to record transactions.

Q. Can I give the carer a present?
A. In the majority of cases the answer is no, but in special circumstances (such as Christmas) we may permit it. If you intend to purchase a gift you must inform us of your intentions. Presents should be simple items such as chocolates or flowers and never have a value of more than £5.00.

Q. What happens when I do not want your services any more?
A. If you receive our services through a statutory agency you must contact your named worker to discuss why you intend to no longer use Elite Assistance. If appropriate, they will agree to the finish date and cancel the service on your behalf giving us the appropriate notice in the contract made with them. If you self-fund, you can cancel our services at any time by giving us one full week's notice.


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